Innovative Eco-Friendly Packaging

In line with our steadfast commitment to sustainable development and care for the natural environment, we are delighted to inform you about the new additions to our product range. Continuing our mission to promote ecology and responsibility, our company has decided to introduce an innovative product: eco-friendly packaging with enhanced strength parameters, specially designed for food products.

The produced packaging made of the innovative SEFKO EKO TRIPLEX laminate is in line with the principles of sustainable development and the raw materials' life cycle. We would like to emphasize that:

  • Recyclability: Packaging made of SEFKO EKO TRIPLEX laminate can undergo the recycling process. At least 90% of the weight of the packaging consists of a single material, mainly polyethylene, facilitating the recycling process.

  • Recycled Content: The SEFKO EKO TRIPLEX laminate contains at least 40% of so-called recyclates, meaning reprocessed polyethylene. This is a significant step towards sustainable resource use and waste reduction.

  • Similar Strength Parameters: The SEFKO EKO TRIPLEX laminate has been carefully developed to achieve strength comparable to traditional PET/PE laminates. The strength parameters meet high standards, ensuring not only ecological benefits but also the necessary product protection.

  • Similar Rigidity Parameters: Packaging made of SEFKO EKO TRIPLEX laminate has rigidity parameters similar to conventional laminates. This makes them equally effective in protecting products while maintaining their ecological advantages.

Our latest product line includes three main types of packaging, representing excellent solutions for various needs of our customers:

  1. Eco-Friendly STABILO Type Packaging: Eco-friendly STABILO type packaging is a solution characterized by solidity and stability. It is an excellent choice for food products that require special protection and stable handling. Its design allows for efficient product presentation while safeguarding them from damage. These packages are ideal for heavier items, providing not only protection but also preserving the aesthetics of the product.

  2. Eco-Friendly DOYPACK Type Packaging: DOYPACK type packaging is an innovative and practical solution, offering easy opening and user convenience. Its design allows for stable positioning, facilitating storage and product presentation. It's an ideal choice for food products that require flexible and user-friendly packaging. Thanks to its functionality, DOYPACK packaging can be used in various product categories.

  3. Eco-Friendly FLAT BOTTOM Type Packaging: FLAT BOTTOM type packaging stands out with its stable construction and attractive appearance. Its bottoms are flat, allowing the packaging to stand stably and present itself aesthetically on store shelves. It's an excellent choice for products that you want to present uniquely and stylishly. FLAT BOTTOM packaging combines functionality with aesthetics, while maintaining high strength parameters.

Our eco-friendly packaging stands out not only for its functionality but also for its care for the natural environment. They are made from the innovative SEFKO EKO TRIPLEX laminate, representing a true revolution in the industry. Here are a few unique aspects of this product:

Product Innovation:

  • Unprecedented in the Market: Packaging laminated for food weighing over 10 kg (even 5 kg) made from a monomaterial is not available on the market!

  • Innovation in Recycled Material Usage: Our laminated packaging contains at least 40% of recyclates, making it a pioneer in the market. This is a decisive step towards promoting recycling and sustainable raw material circulation.

  • Combination of Monomaterial and Recycled Material: Our laminated packaging is made not only from a monomaterial but also contains a significant proportion of recyclates (polyethylene), combining material innovation with sustainable development.

We take pride in introducing this new product to our range, contributing to innovation on a global scale while promoting a responsible approach to conducting business.

Thank you for your trust, and we invite you to explore our full range of eco-friendly packaging, redefining industry standards and emphasizing sustainable development."

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